Fishing Calendar



Great fishing for Barracuda, Jacks, Sharks. Also very good for Ladyfish, Seatrout, Cobia, Redfish and Snapper. Decent Permit fishing later in the month. 


Large migratory Tarpon begin to show up mid-month, weather permitting. Permit fishing picks up and Bonefish make appearances on nice days. Barracudas and Jacks provide fun regardless of weather. 


Permit fishing begins to peak. Large Tarpon reliable on nice days. Bonefish return to the flats in good numbers. Great Barracuda and large Jacks anytime. Weather permitting Night Tarpon fishing. 


Permit begin to leave mid-month for offshore spawn. Big schools of large Tarpon come inshore and feed voraciously. Bonefish become excellent midday targets. Night Tarpon fishing. 


As good as it gets! Trophy Tarpon 'lay-up,' in shallow water and make for the most exciting fishing of the season. Bonefishing only gets better. A few Permit make a return appearance.Night Tarpon fishing. 


Tarpon continue to make a big push into near shore waters. Permit return in a big way. Bonefish begin to invade the flats in good numbers and become very reliable. Night Tarpon fishing. 


Excellent fishing for all species. Stable weather and few boats make for an excellent shot at a 'Grand Slam.' Low incoming tides in the morning or evening make for shots at large schools of big bonefish. Night Tarpon fishing. 


Good Bonefishing, good Permit fishing. Tarpon fishing, but I would suggest fishing early in the day or late afternoon can be excellent for NightTarpon. 


Same as August 


One of my favorite months to flats fish. Cooler October weather brings Big Bonefish out of deeper waters and Permit fishing also gets better. Tarpon fishing early or Night Tarpon. 


Wonderful Bonefishing and Permit fishing. Night Tarpon too. 


Same as November up to mid-month. Then for Christmas, we get Redfish, Sea Trout, Cobia and Monster Barracuda begin to invade the flats following the winter bait fish. 

* A word about Night Tarpon. We really mean evening usually 3 1/2 - 4 hours. If you haven't tried this you are missing out. Light tackle and Fly Fishing this time of day is a real treat. 

Tarpon feed at night!